recommendations for companies

In order to limit negative impacts on biodiversity and communities, all companies using palm oil have to take responsibility to ensure that they support sustainable methods of production.  Given their location at the heart of global palm oil production, companies in Malaysia and Singapore benefit from easier access to and purchase of CSPO. Companies using palm oil should follow these basic steps:

Additionally, companies can help change the industry by taking the following steps:

  • Communicate the value of sustainability initiatives with consumers
  • Encourage transparency internally and work with WWF to raise awareness of CSPO among consumers and the industry
  • Adopt a pre-competitive approach to collaborate and share knowledge that can be used to improve industry standards.

recommendations for consumers

It is vital for consumers to encourage brands and companies to take immediate action to source CSPO. The clearest signal is by demonstrating demand. By encouraging transparency, this Scorecard aims to provide consumers with the knowledge and power to select the brands and products they want to support.

Considerations that consumers can keep in mind when making purchase decisions are:

  • How much of a brand’s palm oil use is already covered by CSPO and their sustainability commitments. Do these cover their palm oil usage across all countries they operate in?
  • To select products carrying the RSPO logo where possible.