Out of the 47 companies from Malaysia and Singapore which were evaluated, 16 companies responded and completed the online questionnaire, while the rest were non-respondents. The companies' responses determine their score on the report, and help consumers understand where the company is in the journey to source responsible palm oil. The full list of companies evaluated can be found in the published report here.

challenges & key issues

WWF received a total of 16 responses and of these responses, only eight companies scored points. The remaining seven respondents reported no activities or actions taken to support the use of sustainable palm oil. The main challenges faced during the course of the survey were:

1. Most companies lack sustainability teams or procurement teams aware of the issues and the knowledge to deal with the issues of sustainable palm oil procurement

2. Some companies were wary to disclose company information to WWF despite the need for transparency from the industry, as this is the first palm oil buyer scorecard in the Southeast Asia region.

3. A general unwillingness to engage with WWF, largely due to lack of interest on the issues presented, or internal objections.

Breakdown of respondents and non-respondents according to country

In spite of the positive progress by few regional leaders, the high number of non-respondents in this study indicates that majority of brands are not disclosing their palm oil sourcing practices. While some companies are transparent about their palm oil usage, majority have chosen not to engage.

The companies surveyed were also asked the challenges they faced to switch to 100% certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO). The top challenges that the surveyed companies cited as deterrents in the sourcing of CSPO were the price of sustainable palm oil and a lack of consumer awareness and demand for certified sustainable products. Other challenges include:

Challenges cited by companies in relation to adopting a sustainable supply chain


Ranking of companies and their scores. For the full list of companies, please click here.